Company Name Generator App Reviews

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Not helpful

Generates random letter pairings. Not actual names.

Crashes, won't open

I would love to use this, but it crashes upon opening every time

I did not like

It was waayyyy to confusing and I could not put in the things we did and have it generate a good name. It just spit out a random letter thing. It was not what I was looking for.

more practical

more practical than other such apps i.e. WordDot or Name Gen, since this app, CO. Name Generator, is 1. less non-sensical 2. saves faves ; )


Who would give their new company a random name?!


Large selection of names for everyone's liking!

Does what it says!

It kind of takes two words from a list of words and smashes them together. It's not bad, but could use a but more 'randomness'.

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